Forrester Research, Inc. names Adobe CMS Leader

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

After evaluating 10 products, viewing 10 product demos, listening to 10 vendor briefings, and interviewing 37 reference customers, Forrester Research, Inc. found Adobe and Sitecore are Leaders, with Adobe dominating the field. Adobe is a standout with its integrated portfolio. Sitecore has a strong product and high growth.

The WCM vendors we evaluated cover the basics of managing, delivering, and optimizing digital experiences quite well. Vendors varied widely on many of those criteria two years ago, but they are now similar (and good) in this baseline functionality. The criteria we view as growing in importance — cloud deployment, native mobile app support, portfolio integration with marketing and commerce, testing, runtime architecture, and ecosystem support — differentiate the solutions.

Web content management (WCM) software has become the technology and content delivery backbone of digital experiences. Firms that want to upgrade for mobile devices, consolidate potentially thousands of websites, or expand digital experiences to every customer touchpoint must choose a solid web content management product.

Customer Journey Map

Adobe has built the best portfolio for companies with the greatest marketing need. San Jose, California-based Adobe’s “acquire and integrate” strategy is paying off as it incorporates analytics, testing, social media, rich media delivery, and content management functionality into the Javabased Adobe Experience Manager, for a best-in-class practitioner experience. This product is among the most expensive, but is well suited for marketers, particularly but not exclusively in consumer markets. Adobe offers a rapidly-growing managed single-tenant cloud service.

Standout features include the practitioner toolkit, partner support, and mobile support. Opportunities for improvement, where they exist at all, are found in digital asset management, extranet and intranet installed base, and more experience with cloud hosting. Strategically, Adobe is well placed to continue its run, particularly as it and its partners gain mobile and cloud experience.

One customer reference uses Adobe for 3,000 affiliate websites and is pleased with the product quality overall, but particularly the practitioner tools so affiliates can manage their own digital experiences. Another customer is happy with the Adobe products for testing, analytics, and marketing. Both customers wish they had spent more time and used more experienced partners to configure the product architecture and template structure.

The above excerpt was contained in the 2015 Forrester Research, Inc Report

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